Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Daddy

Hey Jude~

I have never had a problem getting back in the thick of things...I have always thought...when one door closes another one opens! My dating life is certainly no different.

If you recall, Big Daddy is kinda a Big Deal, in these parts. His high profile status does not allow us to share a "normal" relationship. He is constantly in the public eye...perhaps that's part of the attraction.

Two weeks ago, I get a call. BD asks me to meet him at a restaurant in my neighborhood...the restaurant was hosting a party in his honor. I arrive late...I ask the host to quietly tell BD that I have arrived. He fetches me and takes me to the back of the restaurant...where there are roughly 50 other Asians having a dinner party. Um...he failed to tell was his BIRTHDAY PARTY! Surprise!!!! The "fuss" started, and the stares and glares did as well! I was finally placed at a table next to his. Besides the wait staff and bus boys, I believe I was the youngest person in the room...every woman at my table asking me "what organization are you from?" "Jude's"???? Now the cameras start to come out...everyone wants a photo op with BD. I hang in the background, absorbing my new surrounding. BD, is motioning me to pose with him. I feel like the paparazzi is all over us. Then the birthday cake comes out...everyone sings and it seemed like there was a handful of woman that just couldn't get close enough to him! I decide...I have my camera handy, I should take a pic of all this! I am still feeling a bit "out of place"...even though I was surrounded by my "people".

After the cake commotion, BD grabs a bar stool and we start conversing....sitting side my side, smiling at the crowd, bantering back and forth. He tells me I'm voluptuous, I tell him he's a dirty old man..he smiles and whispers..."we need love too". I smirk back...He tells me he's playing cards tonight...Texas Hold 'Em. I tell him "good luck"...he departs with his entourage...I stick around.

I sit, I eat, I drink, I smile, I make small talk, I decide...why not network a bit? All these peeps work with organizations, some are doctors, some are lawyers...why not rub a few elbows and give out my business cards? Right? So, I turn the "sales" switch on! Shaking hands and making introductions... I made (2) new friends. They were lovely ladies....and curious little cats! I finally tell them...I was personally invited by the guest of honor. He called me just a bit ago...he wanted me to be here...their faces could not hide what was going thru their heads.

BD calls the next day, telling me I did a great job! I had no idea I was being tested. I guess I passed...because we had (2) more dates...time will tell...tick tock...more to come, promise.

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