Monday, May 10, 2010


Hey Jude~

I am glad I ended my subscription to the 'find your soulmate' bullshit online dating site. It was quite the experience...of bullshit. I'm not saying that it does not provide you with an opportunity to meet new people...that, it delivered...but who wants to date a man that lies about his name, or how about a man that has a tattoo of a swastika and a double headed skinhead on a cross on his chest...I mean...really? The last one wasn't any better...his personality was a snore...he actually told me that he doesn't really talk much...come the fuck on??? That's why you're single...his only hope is hanging on to both his hands...those are the only 2 that will put up with his non-existing personality! So...keep on keeping on get from me...a big fat GFY!