Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hey Jude~

Last year I gave on-line dating a try...I believe I have written about how I think it's all a bunch of hullabaloo! This is one of the main reasons why....

Bachelor #2...let's call him Binny... soon you will know why this name is PERFECT for him. Binny is a Chicago Cop, his beat is on the West Side.

Binny started our eHarmony(scammery) on-line communication. We quickly got thru all the bullshit Q & A crap! We decided to go on our first "meet & greet" date after day 2 of communicating. He picked me up from work and we walked to the local beer & shot bar. Everything went well...we talked, we laughed, he drove me ALL the way to the train station...in the suburbs. Did I mention, I work in the city??? I thought that was a beautiful gesture!

Things were progressing nicely. He sent me flowers after date 1,and a sweet card on date 2!!! We were really into each other...we communicated all day, whether it be text or actual phone conversations. We even saw each other 5x in one week! Wowsers! This must be love, right? I mean he was ready to plan our September/October wedding! Bwahaha!

Day 7...I hang out at his place. We get a little cozy, he asks if I would give him a little a neck massage. We proceed to his bedroom...he lays down on his bed. I ask him to take off his shirt...and to my AMAZEMENT I find a few disturbing tattoos on his chest and arm! Who in their right mind gets a Double Headed Skinhead on a Cross on the middle of their chest? Or how about a Swastika on their arm...granted it was a Buddhist Swastika...but...none the less...a SWASTIKA and how can I forget the word FASCIST flank stamp, like Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker's "Cadillac"...oh wait...that's right...a RACIST would tattoo that on their body! Right? So...the question is...does this fellow know that I'm NOT WHITE??

Day 9
I'm having a rough day at work...I call Binny to let off some steam and vent. I'm dealing with a difficult client. My client is a lawyer...and if anyone knows me...I don't seem to have a liking to lawyers, at least on a professional level....anyway...Binny asks me for the lawyer's last name. I tell him, and he whispers "fucking kike"....I have never heard that word before...I decide to Google "kike" while I'm on the phone with him...I became very disturbed by his racist comment! UM....12 years ago, I was in a serious relationship with Jewish gentleman....that certainly did not sit well with me. I told Binny his comment was unacceptable and was a bit scary. We broke up later that evening...via text! YIKES!

Day 10
The Chicago Cop received the name Binny...nick name for BIN LADEN, for these reasons...
A) He was either working undercover with the long ass Bin Laden looking beard he was sporting.
2) He is seriously a civil terrorist, being a Chicago Cop and working on the West Side, the badge probably protects him from actually KILLING every African-American and Jew in the city!
C) After pondering on his looks...he kinda resembled Bin Laden...minus the turban!

Fast Forward 11 months(last week)....Binny takes me by surprise and CALLS me...um...yeah...I was fucking crazed out sweating when I heard his voice! Was he out of his god damn mind????? He wanted to know why it ended????? Really...this clown was not only a fascist and racist...he was delusional! What woman in their right mind would ever think twice about spending the rest of their life with this ASS CLOWN? So...let's just add COPS to the list of Douche Bags I will NEVER date!!!!

I'm waiting for Bachelor #1 to give me a reason to blog.......remember....they always call back...it may take awhile...but they always call back...this blog is pure proof!

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