Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Broadway Discontinued

Hey Jude~

So guess what???? Broadway production has ended! Awwww...didn't even last (2) months...he is moved to the "douche list". This one was a goody! Oh yeah...

The fun, fabulous, complimenting, humorous Broadway also has a childish, depressing, immature, and ugly personality. I thought I was experiencing a live performance of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! This production was truly Oscar worthy! I knew he was dramatic, but I never knew he was also certifiably NUTS!

No curtain call needed for this needed to be O-V-E-R! I have never experienced an individual with moods that swing more than queens at the Pride Parade! I honestly thought he was suicidal when he heard on the radio the traffic on LSD was due to a motorcycle accident! He wished the person dead, then proceeded to pout like a toddler. That show seriously gave me a bit of anxiety.

Act 1: We finally get to a restaurant...Bad Broadway still on stage. The downer mood continues...his vibe is negative and attracts all kinds of bad. Finally... the food starts to arrive...I was a matter of consuming 2 crab rangoons with some sweet & sour sauce later...the Broadway show started to make a turn for the good. "POOF" Bad Broadway out...Good Broadway in! The mood lightens, the eyes start to sparkle again, and I hear....laughter. I played along, didn't want to disrupt the show. We finish dinner, crack open our fortune cookies, he pays the bill and we depart.

Act 2: We arrive at my loft. I assist with inputting information on a "work" spreadsheet for him. I am getting very's been (2) nights with limited sleep. I excuse myself and get ready for bed. Sleep....

Act 3: I'm up and ready to start my day. Broadway is snoozing in my bed...I allowed him to stay and borrow my car. He had some friends coming to the city for a visit. I tap and go...he thinks I'm "mad" at him...hmmm...why would I be "mad".

Act 4: Broadway calls and will be picking me up from work. He is waiting for me across the street. I get in my car and we proceed to head to his house. We are 5 minutes into the drive and this is when my "show" starts. I state that he's DRAMA, and it's UGLY...and though I am NOT asking him to change, he must realize that I CAN change. This is not what I signed up for, and he's too much for me to handle!

Final: After spending true "quality" time with Broadway...I've come to a conclusion. He has an addictive personality that I have seen and experienced in the past...No more CRAZY...alcoholic...self centered....delusional FUCKS in my life! I have had my share, this time I PASS! There is something to be said about why this 45 year old man is STILL single!

So long Broadway! Your show will go on...ALONE!

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