Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Broadway Discontinued

Hey Jude~

So guess what???? Broadway production has ended! Awwww...didn't even last (2) months...he is moved to the "douche list". This one was a goody! Oh yeah...

The fun, fabulous, complimenting, humorous Broadway also has a childish, depressing, immature, and ugly personality. I thought I was experiencing a live performance of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! This production was truly Oscar worthy! I knew he was dramatic, but I never knew he was also certifiably NUTS!

No curtain call needed for this needed to be O-V-E-R! I have never experienced an individual with moods that swing more than queens at the Pride Parade! I honestly thought he was suicidal when he heard on the radio the traffic on LSD was due to a motorcycle accident! He wished the person dead, then proceeded to pout like a toddler. That show seriously gave me a bit of anxiety.

Act 1: We finally get to a restaurant...Bad Broadway still on stage. The downer mood continues...his vibe is negative and attracts all kinds of bad. Finally... the food starts to arrive...I was a matter of consuming 2 crab rangoons with some sweet & sour sauce later...the Broadway show started to make a turn for the good. "POOF" Bad Broadway out...Good Broadway in! The mood lightens, the eyes start to sparkle again, and I hear....laughter. I played along, didn't want to disrupt the show. We finish dinner, crack open our fortune cookies, he pays the bill and we depart.

Act 2: We arrive at my loft. I assist with inputting information on a "work" spreadsheet for him. I am getting very's been (2) nights with limited sleep. I excuse myself and get ready for bed. Sleep....

Act 3: I'm up and ready to start my day. Broadway is snoozing in my bed...I allowed him to stay and borrow my car. He had some friends coming to the city for a visit. I tap and go...he thinks I'm "mad" at him...hmmm...why would I be "mad".

Act 4: Broadway calls and will be picking me up from work. He is waiting for me across the street. I get in my car and we proceed to head to his house. We are 5 minutes into the drive and this is when my "show" starts. I state that he's DRAMA, and it's UGLY...and though I am NOT asking him to change, he must realize that I CAN change. This is not what I signed up for, and he's too much for me to handle!

Final: After spending true "quality" time with Broadway...I've come to a conclusion. He has an addictive personality that I have seen and experienced in the past...No more CRAZY...alcoholic...self centered....delusional FUCKS in my life! I have had my share, this time I PASS! There is something to be said about why this 45 year old man is STILL single!

So long Broadway! Your show will go on...ALONE!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey Jude~

Broadway & I were introduced to each other thru a mutual friend...he approached her asking if she had any single friends...he is ready for a companion. Hmmm...45 year old bachelor...ready to commit to companionship. I believe I was offered that same proposition about 10 years ago...and I ended up in Vegas (3) months later...married! Uh oh!!!

I like Broadway...he's a bit of a drama queen...which makes me look like a water lily floating in a calm pond. We experienced a hiccup...he decided to act like a college student...binge drinking and smoking up...getting himself so sick...he missed his flight back home...and yep...I was picking him up. Unacceptable behavior in my eyes! Irresponsible! After (2) weeks of thinking...I decided to make a call...though his excuse was lame as all get up...I decided to give ol' Broadway another chance. So good...I have to admit...the sex is phenomenal!!! Sweet Heaven!

So...we will just think happy thoughts...we have agreed to have a monogamous sexual relationship...he's fun and flirty...he compliments me...makes me feel pretty...and he makes me laugh. Let's hope Broadway continues to receive rave reviews!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh Winky Pooh

Hey Jude~

So, I had yet, another date with Winky Pooh last night. We decided to hang out in my neighborhood...after (2) drinks and flirty conversation about my new 55" LCD TV(still in the box) and the thought of how porn would look on it...we decided he would come over and set it up for me! OH BOY!

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier...but I'm a golfer, and I have been practicing my putting at home. Winky Pooh & I decided to have a putting contest. So...after we set up the TV, watched porn, listened to Sting...played a putting game, Winky Pooh received his prize! Guess what that was....winner winner chicken dinner!

The question is....what is this exactly? I truly enjoy Winky Pooh's company....we laugh, we talk, we booze...and up until the last 3 dates, he has been "spoiled"... What's a girl to do?